VR, XR, and Gaming

I have a great interest in the merging of gaming and music technology. My interest is in total immersion and interaction- interaction with outside objects, sound reaction, and integration of controllers into an environment.

Recently, I have added interactions to the mixed reality performance that allow me to interact with game objects and to create real-time visuals.

We´ve been experimenting with combining music performance and mixed reality. We made a test video with a new song by Alayna. Pier is playing the drums in VR. We made the setup in Unity and used Soundstage for the VR instruments. This is the Proof video. We plan to branch this into a full performance and streaming show.


Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 23.54.51
Playing With Trash (Hybrid Reality)


During the Sonar Innovation Challenge- New Gaming theme, we devloped an environment for interaction with real world objects and affecting the game environment. This changed lights, sounds, shaders or gameobjects.