Alayna was born and raised in Florida, but don´t hold that against her. She started recording music at age 15 and began playing guitar and drums as main instruments as well as making weird noises with drum machines. She attended Full Sail for Recording Arts and Berklee College of Music for Music Production and Engineering while being a drum set principle. After that, she worked in New York for companies such as Avatar Studios and Broadway Video before moving to Valencia to earn a Masters in Music Technology. Besides creating projects as Curiosibot, she creates electronic-rock music, creates videos, and experiments with game environments. She was a PhD Candidate for 3 years in the Department of Information and Technology in the Multimodal Interaction Group within the Music Technology Group at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona and continues research independently. She was a selected Innovator for Spain for the Keychange EU program.

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Keychange Phase 2 Lockup Updated Feb 2022