Performances + Projects

Immersive Performance at Linecheck 2022 Milan «You are a Target Market: Disinformation»

Mixed Reality Performance from Curiosibot Lab with Interactive visuals created in Max and Unity

From the MediaLab Prado Collision II Performance


We´ve been experimenting with combining music performance and mixed reality. We made a test video with a new song by Alayna. Pier is playing the drums in VR. We made the setup in Unity and used Soundstage for the VR instruments. We plan to branch this into a full performance and streaming show.

«The Whole World Watches»

A performance and song inspired by the numerous events now documented on phones , whether it´s police brutality or war

«History Repeats» (Rehearsal) A performance inspired by the quote that «those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it».

Performed as part of a controller competition, this is a jitter performance controlled in realtime via a wireless controller. There is a choice of note for every performer and the task is to select the correct notes so that the performers harmonize.

Curiosibot Performances

Ensemble performance with Berklee Valencia students Fall 2017

A Video showcasing Laser Guitar V1 and the Laser room and a robo bass

A Clip from a performance with Nona Hendryx using the Music Suit at «IEV 2016» and some of our 3D printed wearables.

Ensemble performance with students at IEV Fall 2015

Performance with Bron Drom featuring drone choreography and live visuals

Performance at Be Maker Fest 2015 with Super Mario Remix by Alayna

EmTech SPAIN2014 – Robot build by Pier, MIDI programming by Alayna