You are a Target Market

«Designed to overwhelm the audience.»

You are a Target Market was an immersive large-scale installation
incorporating technologies such as Max to create a final work of multimedia art. My
vision was not just to create a project that aims to showcase new and different ways of
presenting sound and visuals, but one that also serves as a topical art piece.
The title of my project was inspired by the role of advertising and media in our
lives. In American culture, our thoughts and values are shaped by what we are told by
media outlets that have decided how everyone should act, look, and feel. Through
commercials, print, and television news, we are constantly barraged with the opinions
others whose only intention is to turn you into a consumer of products or values. The
imagery and messages used in advertising display an idea or an ideal that is unattainable
by the average person and influences our conceptions about gender roles in society. In
addition to the themes derived from advertising and news, I explored the methods and
messages employed in politics to influence others.



Read the Thesis paper here

This project was also presented at ATMM in the form of a presentation and short paper in the proceedings that you can read here.

The launch of this installation was accompanied by an «advertising campaign» where real ads were used with replaced text.

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.


Below are pictures from the original showing as part of my final thesis.


Below is a walkthrough of a second setup at sala Josep Renau